What Are Some of the Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend?

When most women start up a new relationship with a man, it is not all about the sex. She wants to get to know the man and have a relationship with him that goes on a deeper level than merely what happens under the sheets. Because it can sometimes be challenging to get a man to open up and talk about himself, these questions to ask your boyfriend are sure to help open the lines of communication and keep them flowing.

Top Questions For Asking a Boyfriend

When a woman wants to get to know her boyfriend, it can sometimes feel like she is prying when she broaches the conversation. With these fun and enlightening questions, women will no longer find it challenging to learn more about the men in their lives.

  • What is his best memory in life? This is one of those questions that will really get him thinking and will also make him smile. The answer to this question can give women a lot of insight into what their man is all about.
  • Has a song ever made him cry? Guys often want to appear overly macho, but there is something genuinely endearing and real about seeing a man admit he can become emotional. A woman will then know what moves her man.
  • What was his childhood like? This is a question that should be approached with caution. Some guys have painful memories of childhood and just do not want to talk about it right away. If he seems hesitant, a woman should change the subject and move on.
  • What is his biggest fear? Once he begins to feel more comfortable with his lady, he is likely going to be more willing to open up about subjects such as these.
  • What is his most embarrassing moment? When a woman asks her boyfriend this question, she needs to be fully prepared to answer it as well. This type of question can be a fun way to break the ice.

Get to Know Him Today

Using these questions will help you to further get to know your boyfriend so you can learn all about his unique qualities and understand why you are falling hard for him. Start slowly and do not drill him with questions for the best results.